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I've started riding as a kid in 1989, being attracted to trail riding because of the freedom it offered, and also interested in dressage because of harmony and amazing movements it provided. However, most of all I was fascinated by the behavior of horses, as many times I was wondering why are they doing what they are doing,  why some horses did not want to cooperate with humans, and how to motivate them to enjoy human company as much as dogs do.

We always had dogs in my family, and for a few years I was also competing with my dog in agility. It was becoming more and more obvious that horses and dogs were treated and trained in different ways. Dogs were always happy to do things with people, while horses would usually leave if given the chance - meaning if they were not somehow forced to stay with us, for example by using lead ropes, head collars or bridles all the time. 

So when I discovered The International Horse Agility Club, I happily joined them and became accredited instructor in 2012. 

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Learning is fun

Curiosity and wish for improvement have been motivating me to spend a lot of time learning about horses, attending workshops, trying various methods on my own, and becoming working student with some amazing trainers in Portugal, Italy, England, Scotland, Switzerland and France. Especially important teachers were also my horses, Perun and Zeko, who are always totally honest in telling me how good or bad my skills are. One lifetime is not enough to learn all there is about horses, but it is wonderful path to follow. I'm passionate about learning and teaching, and helping others to improve their relationship and communication with horses.

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Trail ride
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