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Winning is fun

Winning is fun for humans, but is it always fun for horses as well? In Horse Agility we make sure that horses also enjoy it, and we do it by rewarding relationship and communication. How? The obstacle course is set up from 10 obstacles, with each obstacle gaining max of 10 points. You get 5 points for completing the obstacle as defined in the rule book, and 5 points for the way you work with the horse.

For example, if the handler pulls on the horse and makes the rope tight, they lose a mark (1 point) for a tight rope. If the horse is hesitating in front of an obstacle and the handler hits the horse, even though the horse may then go over the obstacle, there will be zero points for that obstacle. Therefore, overall result will be low even though the obstacle is completed. On the other hand, if the handler shows patience and understanding, even if the horse does not complete the obstacle, 5 points will be given for handler's ethical training skills.

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Especially popular is combination of mini workshop and competition. First the handlers and horses get to try new obstacles and learn how to navigate the course. Then the obstacles are rearranged and competition begins! 
Rosettes and apples are prepared for every competitor.

I can bring some of the obstacles if you don't have them, feel free to get in touch for details!

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Join The International Horse Agility Club

Horse Agility brings together people who have been practicing horse agility worldwide and support those who would like to become part of a competitive arm. The Club now has over 1200 members worldwide, 40 registered instructors and over 3000 horses registered as Agility Horses. Every month there are thirty new different on line courses to choose from. Horse Agility is not just about playing with horses it strengthens the bond between horse and handler without gadgets or quick fixes, indeed the aim of Horse Agility always is for the horse to run completely free of any restraint, directed round a course of obstacles by the handler.

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